«I couldn´t take Vadsø out of my mind»

Med Hjerte For Vadsø

To gain a broad perspective on what Vadsø means to its residents, we have interviewed a variety of people of different ages, each with a connection to this charming town. Each person has their unique experiences and viewpoints, collectively providing us with insight into Vadsø through different generations. We have now spoken with Sergiu Curelea to hear his thoughts about our town.


About Sergiu

Sergiu is the creator of Aurora Labs in Vadsø. He likes traveling and tries to travel as much as possible. He has been fascinated by the Northern Lights for a long time and used to travel to different Arctic destinations to experience the Northern Lights. In 2017 he visited Vadsø for the first time, and a lot has happened since then.

Fell in love with Vadsø at first sight

The first time Sergiu visited Vadsø, he immediately fell in love with this place: «I´ve been fascinated by the Arctic and by the Northern Lights since a very long time. I tried visiting regularly as many Arctic destinations as possible. And Vadsø´s turn came in 2017. I don´t know what happened when I came, but I couldn’t take it out of my mind. It is the only thing I have been thinking about, and I didn´t feel the need to visit any other Arctic destination ever since!»

Sergiu decided to make a change in his career, after visiting Vadsø. He wanted to associate science and tourism. He also wanted to create atypical activities based on the Northern Lights, in both winter and summer. And this, in the best location for experiencing them. Therefore, he created Aurora Labs in Vadsø.

The best of Vadsø

The Northern Lights in Vadsø are something that make Vadsø unique. Sergiu also says that «Vadsø is a unique location, far away from mass tourism, where northern lights are strong, and there are many of them.»

Sergiu also says that the power of the dark nights is at its maximum here. And that Vadsø is located in the best place on Earth to see the Northern Lights.

Tips and advice about Vadsø

We asked Sergiu what everyone traveling to Vadsø must taste. Here is his answer: «King crab as mains and cinnamon lefse as dessert! And to drink julebrus».

Sergiu thinks that winter and the dark season are the best, mostly because of the Polar Night. He really recommends visiting Vadsø: «If you are just looking for an authentic destination where life goes on in the typical Arctic rhythm, where the Northern Lights are strong and there are lots of them, where people are nice and calm and welcoming, and everything I have been talking about, then look no further than Vadsø.» He also recommends everyone traveling to Vadsø to experience the Polar Night in Vadsø.


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